Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hi Everyone!!!

Today I have my Golden Earth review and Giveaway!!

Elizabeth from Golden Earth sent me all of these samples so I can try out.  She sent me 5 Aromatherapy Body Moisturizers and 3 Aromatherapy Body Washes.  She also put inside a card that tells me about each scent.  Each bottle is 1 fl oz.  The products are all natural products, they are all cruelty free, vegan and gluten free.

She sent me both the Body Moisturizer and the Body Wash in Tranquility.  The scent is Sandalwood & Cedarwood.  On the card it says that the perfume is deeply natural and a bit woody and the combination creates a sense of inner peace, clarity and balance.

She sent me both the Body Moisturizer and the Body Wash in Fresh.  The scent is neroli.  On the card it says that they are soft & sweet with a light citrus quality and a citrine crystal infusion that awakens the senses and soothes the spirit.

She sent me both the Body Moisturizer and the Body Wash in Love.  The scent is Rose, Jasmine & Lavender.  On the card it says that the oils create a lovely sweet floral scent, that inspires feelings of passion and joy.

This is the Body Moisturizer in Nourish and the scent is Mandarin.

This is also a Body Moisturizer in Trek and the scent is Spearmint.

All of the products were very relaxing.  They all had a very nice soft scent and they were not overpowering, which I enjoyed.
I have been using the body washes everyday since I received them.  I recommend trying them out because they worked really well.
I have also been using the body moisturizers everyday because my hands are always dry especially at work.  I love how they left my hands feeling so soft.
Overall I was very pleased with the products and I enjoyed using them all.  None of the products irritated my skin.  I also like this company because the products are all cruelty free.

The company sent me this box so I can try out and review, even though they sent me this box all the opinions on the post are my own.

So now for the giveaway, Elizabeth was nice enough and said that the winner of the giveaway would be able to choose a product of their choice!!!  Now who doesn't like that.  Please enter below.  Good Luck.

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If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thank you :)