Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi Everyone!!!

The company Lunchskins sent me one sandwich bag and one snack bag so I can review.
They are great reusable eco-friendly bags.  They have a velcro strap inside to keep them closed.  The company has a bunch of different cute, fun designs to choose from.  They are washable, just put them in your dishwasher.  I have spent so much money on plastic bags in the past and now I won't have to (which is nice) and I'll be saving money, and who doesn't like saving money right!!   They are regularly tested toxin free: boa, lead + phthalate free.  They have 3 different sizes to choose from, reusable sandwich bags, reusable snack bags and reusable sub bags.  They also have  a 25% off section for a 6 pack.

This is the reusable sub bag.

This is the reusable snack bag.

I have used the bags everyday since I received them and they still look great.  They will last you for a long time.  If you guys are looking to save some money and stop using plastic bags please check out the website Lunchskings.  

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hi Everyone!!!

I received an e-mail from Goodies Company asking me if I would like to have a giveaway on my blog for a September box.

Take a look at my review of the September box here.  I was really happy with the box, it was full of goodies to try out.  :)

Now on to the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, October 15, 2012

October Ipsy (My Glam)

Hi Everyone!!!

This is my first Ipsy (My Glam) bag.  I am very impressed with this bag.  This bag is only $10.00 and it is definitely worth it.  Every month you will get a different cosmetic bag with product inside.  The cosmetic bag that went out this month is really cute!!

Inside the bag was Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Quad.  Each one is about a size of a dime.  The colors that I received are very pretty.  The color's are Peach Puff, Cherry Chocolate, Nude and White Silver.

They put a Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment.  This is supposed to Restore softness and shine.  The size of this bottle is 0.5 fl oz and retails for $12.00 on the Couture Colour website.

Next in my bag was What's Your Type "the body builder" black mascara by the Balm.  This is a 0.11 fl oz.  The full size retails for $19.00.

Next I have eye liner by Be A.... Bombshell.  The color is Onyx.  This is a .1 oz and retails for $14.00.

The last thing that was in my bag was a Glossy Lacquer Stain Lip Bomb by Mirenesse in the color number 9.  This is a really nice pink color.  The size of the lip balm is 0.11 oz and retails for $35.00.


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Crispy Green

Hi Everyone!!!

The company Crispy Green sent me a box full of FruitziO freeze dried fruit snacks and Crispy fruit that is 100% freeze-dried.

Some product information on the FruitziO freeze dried fruit snacks.
They are light, sweet and crunchy freeze-fried fruit slices that have a hint of cane sugar.  They are also packed in a resealable pouch.
-They are all natural freeze-dried fruit slices
-They have a light, crispy texture with fresh fruit taste
-They have no preservatives including sulfides
-They have no fat, and no cholesterol
-They have natural fruit fiber and nutrients
-They are 100 calories per bag.
The flavors that they have are FruitziO Strawberries, FruitziO Peaches, FruitziO Apples & Strawberries, FruitziO Apricots, and FruitziO Kiwi.

Some product information on the Crispy Fruit.
They are 100% freeze-dried fruit slices and nothing else.
-They have a light, crispy texture with fresh fruit taste
-They have no additives or preservatives
-They have no fat, and no cholesterol
-They have no skin or cores
-They have natural fruit fiber and nutrients
-They are only 55 or less calories per serving
The flavors that they have are Crispy Apples, Crispy Mangoes, Crispy Asian Pears, Crispy Bananas, Crispy Cantaloupes, and Crispy Pineapples.

Overall I really enjoyed all the different flavors that they sent me.  They were lightweight and crunchy. They have got to be one of the best dried fruit snacks that I have tried in a very long time, they were delicious (YUM).  Crispy Green snacks are great for when you want a snack.  You can eat them alone or you can even add them to your yogurt or cereal if you want.

You can check out the website here.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hi Everyone!!!

Today I used 2 Julep Maven nail polishes.  I used Kelly and Marisa.  Kelly is a nice peach color and Marisa is a dark blue color.  I think the colors look pretty together.  :)

This is Kelly

This is Marisa

If you guys would like to sign up for Julep use the code Penny to get your first box for only 1 penny!!!

I am having a giveaway for Tisano tea and Tisano nibbles so enter here if you are interested.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tisano Chocolate Tea and Giveaway

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I have a Tisano Chocolate Tea review and giveaway.  The company sent me this chocolate tea so I can try out.

As soon as I opened up the tea it smelled amazing!!  This company is different then any other tea company because they don't make the tea from leaves but instead the tea is made up of 100% cocoa bean shells and that's it.  When you make the tea you have to make sure that you don't put too many of the cocoa bean shells in it or else it will be bitter.  The company recommends to only use 2 teaspoons per cup.  You will have to let the tea steep for about 5 minutes.  I really enjoyed the taste of this tea, it was delicious.

Look at all the samples they sent me so I can have a contest for my readers!!!  How awesome is that.  They sent me some samples of the Nibbles Organic Dark Chocolate Nibs and they also sent me some samples of the Original Cacao Tea.

For the giveaway I will be picking a few winners and I am just going to divide all of the samples between the winners.  :)

The winners are Angel, Patty K., Miguel, Fiorella A.   Congratulations to everyone that won and I will be e-mailing you guys shortly.  :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The company sent me the chocolate tea so I can try out and review, even though they sent me this product all the opinions on the post are my own.