Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Zoe Report/ Box of Style Profile.

Hi Guys,

If you guys signed up for the Box of Style just make sure to check your e-mails. They sent out an e-mail yesterday so you can update your profile. They are just asking you 4 questions:

*When is your birthday?
*What is your shirt size?
*How would you describe your style?
*How would you describe your skin tone?

I like how they are asking what is your skin tone so that way you won't get a product that you won't even use. Also they are asking what is your shirt size, maybe we will be getting some kind of shirt/sweater in the fall box.

Goldentote Warehouse Sale!

Hi Guys,

So I just wanted to let you guys know that Golden Tote is having a Warehouse Sale right now. They are offering 40% off everything in the boutique. They have new surprise grab bags with 3 items for just $45.00 (Limited Supply). If you make a purchase of $75.00 or more you will receive a gift with purchase. They are also offering free shipping on orders over $149.00. The warehouse sale is only going on for 72 hours. If you are ordering make sure you use the promo code WAREHOUSESALE40 at checkout.

*All sales are final. The sale excluded the $149.00, the $49.00 and the surprise golden totes. The sale begins today and ends on Monday, August 3rd at 7am Pacific time. The free shipping is excluding international. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Zoe Report Fall's Hero Item!

Hi Guys!

I know I'm a little late in posting this but the Zoe Report Box of Style released what is going to be the hero item in the fall box. In the box will be the versatile-yet-practical La Boheme rose gold watch from a Dutch brand called CLUSE. The watch will come with interchangeable black and grey straps and is valued at $132.00.

Each box is $100.00 but comes with items valued over $300.00. The boxes include accessories, beauty products and styling tools.

I loved my 2 first boxes from them so I'll continue to keep getting the subscription for now.

Phone Case Of The Month Promotion!

Hi Guys!

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Phone Case of the Month is having a new promotion going on right now for back to school. You can try out this subscription for just $4.00.

The company also has a Phone Case of the Month store, so if you just want to purchase just one case you can do so and save 20% your entire order with the code school2015 at checkout.

Orange Glad Discount Code!

Hi Guys!

Orange Glad is having a promotion for summer going on right now. If you want to try out this box you can get your first box for 50% off. Just use the discount code JULYFUN at checkout. This offer is good until 07/31/2015.


Hi Guys!

Disclosure: I received this box for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate/referral links.

Tomboxes is a monthly subscription for the time of the month. You have a choice of tampons or pads to choose from. They also include jewelry and makeup in the box.

The standard Tombox is $16.00 a month. For the $16.00 you have a choice of feminine hygiene products. a sweet treat, 3 beauty items and 1 jewelry item. They also offer options to add to your subscription. If you want to double the makeup and jewelry they only charge you an extra $6.00 more and you will receive 6 beauty items and 2 jewelry items. They also give you an option to add a 4 pack of venus razor blades for $12.00 if you choose to. Tomboxes also has a no-flow box if you don't need hygiene products. That box starts at $10.00 a month.

If you would like to try out this box, you can get your first box for only $8.00 by clicking here.

Everything in the box.

Always ultra thin 18 count pack. ($2.49)

Be a... Bombshell Lip Gloss in Diamond. This is a clear lipgloss. Its nice that they put this in the box since I don't think I have any clear lip glosses. ($14.00)

Joanna Vargas Skincare Daily Serum. You are supposed to apply a thin layer to cleansed or dry skin. ($5.00??) not sure of the price so just an estimate. 

Cult nail polish in CC43 Hermosa Beach. This is a really pretty color. This picture makes the color look brighter then it actually is in person. I would say this is more of a fuchsia color. ($12.00)

Escada Marine Groove. This is a 0.06 fl oz sample of perfume. ($1.00??) again this is an estimate.

La Fresh Makeup Wipes. These are oil-free makeup remover wipes. This sample comes with 8 wipes. I've tried products from this company before and I think they work great so again this is nice to get in the box. ($2.49)

Makeup Brush. This looks like an angled blush brush to me. I love getting new brushes in boxes since they are used everyday. ($5.00??) estimated price.

Hikari Blush.  This is in the color Bikini. I've never tried or even heard of this brand but this is a nice color. I've used it a few times already and I like it. The color is pink/peach. ($15.00)

Star earrings. Im not sure what brand the earrings are but these star studs are very cute. I love simple jewelry like this. ($10.00??) estimated price.

Double braided black headband. I love getting hair accessories in boxes since I am always using them so this is perfect. ($3.00??) estimated price.

Overall: From 1-10 I would give this box a 9. Im pretty sure I will use everything in this box and I like that they put brands that i was not aware of so I get to try them out. The box also has a great value with my estimates on some items i figure that I received $69.98 worth of products. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Citrus Lane: 30% Off Your First Box + Free Gift!

Hi Guys!

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Citrus Lane has a new offer for back to school. They are offering 30% off on your first box and also they are giving you a free back to school set from goodbye and bumkins. They have 2 different sets that you can choose from. If you want the green set just enter the code GATORS at checkout and if you want the purple set just enter the code RIBBONS at checkout. So if you want to sign up just click here.

The 30% off box and free back to school set is valid for new or inactive Citrus Lane customers that purchase a self subscription. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or applied to prior purchases. This offer is good until August 3, 2015 or while supplies last. Only one per household. Once you sign up your subscription will automatically renew to full price. You may cancel anytime after receiving your first box. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 2015 Citrus Lane Box!

Hi Guys!

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Citrus Lane is a monthly children's box. The items that they send are based on your  child's age. Citrus Lane has 3 different subscription options:

-A monthly subscription is $29.99 a month
-A 3 month subscription is $27.99 a month
-A 6 month subscription is $24.00 a month

If you would like to try out this box for your child just sign up here and you will get 40% off your first box.

My first look inside the box.

Zoo Friends Hand Puppets by Melissa & Doug. They had two different variations to choose from. I choose the giraffe & elephant but they also had a monkey and tiger set. These are really cute and I think both of my girls will like them. $10.00.

Outdoor Opposites by Barefoot Books. I don't mind getting books in the boxes and this is a new one for us. Its also a soft cover book. $5.99.

Moisturizing Daily Lotion by Babyganics. This is a travel size lotion and great to just toss in your bag. $1.00.

Coloring Placemat-Farm Buddies by Modern Twist. I wish I would have gotten this box just a few days before since I just picked up a new placemat for my daughter just the other day. This is super cute though since this placemat can be colored again and again with washable markers. I wish they would have put at least a marker or two in the box with the placemat since it would make sense. I'll be saving this one for a little since like I said I just purchased a new one for my daughter a few days ago. $10.00.

Overall: From a 1-10 I would give this box a 7.5. The puppets are great and I like the placemat but like I said above I wish they would have just added some markers along with the placemat.


Hi Guys!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.

Julep is a monthly subscription for nail polish and also for beauty items. The monthly box is $24.00 but you will get $40.00+ worth of nail polish and beauty products.

My first nail polish is a oxygen brightening nail treatment called Brighter is Better. This nail treatment conceals the yellowing & discoloration on your nails. It has lemon extract that brightens your nails, while the lemon peel oil will add moisture & shine.

My next nail polish is called Poppy. This is a jelly nail polish. They describe this color as Chili Pepper. I've never tried a Jelly nail polish so this was one of the reasons I decided to try out this box.

This is the third item in my box. Its a cuticle cream called your cuticles look thirsty. This was the other reason why I decided to get the box this month. I haven't purchased a Julep box in a while just because I have so much nail polish but I just had to try out this cuticle cream.

They also added 2 pieces of candy to the box.

Overall: From a 1-10 I would give this box a 8.5. I will use everything in the box. The oxygen brightening nail treatment and the cuticle cream are both great products. I haven't tried the jelly nail polish yet so hopefully I will like that product also.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

July Birchbox Review!

Hi Guys!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that is only $10.00 a month or $110.00 a year. You will receive 4-5 beauty samples in each box that are tailored to your profile.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. This spray is part dry shampoo, part texturizer so it soaks up the oil in your hair. I like having dry shampoo on hand since you don't know when you will need it. I have not tried this brand yet but it has some great reviews so I'm excited to try it out.

Whish Three Whishes Body Butter. Love this product. It contains a trio of antioxidant-rich moisturizers that nourishes the skin. It has a nice smell to it and it left my skin so soft and moisturized.

StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Eye Treatment. This eye treatment is supposed to minimize dark circles and puffiness under your eyes so I'm excited to try this out tonight. I'm always looking for creams to minimize my dark circles so I hope this works great.

theBalm Cosmetics Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush. I feel like I've been getting a lot of bronzers lately and I don't need any so I'll either be trading this one or giving it away to somebody.

Stila look at me liquid lipstick. This color is very pretty but also very bright for me so once again I will not be using this one.

Overall: From 1-10 I would give this box a 7. This is not one of my favorite birchbox's that I've gotten and I'm not even going to use 2 of these products. Hopefully next month will be better.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hi Guys!

I'm very excited that I received my Rachel Zoe Box Of Style Summer Box today. I purchased the first box and I was very happy with everything inside the box so I decided to stick around a little longer to see if I would also like this box as much as I liked the first one.

Box of Style ships 4 times per year-March, July, September & December.
-The seasonal membership is $100.00 per box/ 4x a year.
-The annual membership is $350.00 a year.
I know it may sound like a lot but each box has over $300.00 worth of products inside.

The box is really nice and sturdy.

I love how they wrap everything up separately.

The hero item for the summer box is this White Leather Pushlock Handbag by The Cambridge Satchel Company. You can use this bag as a clutch also if you remove the strap. I think this bag is perfect for summer. This bag is $150.00.

Next they put this super cute Sarong thats by Mara Hoffman. This Sarong is Exclusively for the box of style. Its a nice size sarong. On the information card it shows a few different ways you can use this sarong. You can use it as a scarf, shawl, turban or you can use it as a beach blanket. The price of this sarong is $98.00.

This is a Bronzer by Too Faced. This is an item that I don't need right now, so I know I won't be using this and maybe I'll trade it or sell it. If anybody is interested in purchasing this item just let me know. This is $30.00.

A Lip Creme by Too Faced. I don't think I have ever used any lip products from this brand before so I was excited to try this out. The color is called Spice Spice Baby. I liked this lip creme a lot because it left my lips very smooth and hydrating. This is $22.00.

Nippies by Bristols 6. This is another product in the box that I know for sure I won't use at all, so once again I think I might trade this or if anybody is interested in purchasing this item let me know. This is $26.00.

Mineral Face Peel by O.R.G. Skincare. This has a spray-on applicator. I don't think I have ever seen a  face peel with a spray-on applicator. I think I might try this one out tonight. This is $44.00.

Overall: From 1-10 I would give this box a 8 just because I won't be using 2 of the items. I am happy with the 2nd box from Rachel Zoe. I know I won't use all the items but the ones that I will use I'm sure I'll get a good amount of use out of them. This box has a value of $370.00 inside.

Citrus Lane Mystery Box!

Hi Guys!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.

Citrus Lane had some mystery boxes so I decided to purchase one of the boxes. The mystery boxes always show you one item in the box and then the rest is a mystery.

 Melissa & Doug Wooden Friendship Stamp Set. This is actually perfect since a few weeks ago we went to target and I purchased a stamp that my daughter wanted but I forgot to buy the ink pad. My daughter is going to love this. $9.99.

Me4kidz Cool It Buddy. This is a reusable soft cold pack. I have a few of these but I feel like you can never have enough of these. They are the perfect size. $3.99.

Hape Lacing Skate. I was happy to also see this in my box but I feel like my daughter is still to young for this so I will be putting it away for a little while. $9.99.

JUNIORBEADS GLOW IN THE DARK. This is 100% silicone beads bracelet. $6.00

 I Play White Sun Hat. This is another item that is also perfect right now since my daughter just recently lost her white summer hat. I like that its white because it will go with everything. $13.00.

Goodbyn Hero. This is the item that I knew was going to be in the box. This has 3 different containers in 1 and also comes with 2 dippers. These are also good to have on hand. $12.99.

Overall: From 1-10 I would have to give this box a 9. I love almost everything in the box and my daughters will use everything in this box. My opinion when I purchase a mystery box from citrus lane it always ends up being a great box and thats why I continue to purchase them.