Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hi Guys!

I'm very excited that I received my Rachel Zoe Box Of Style Summer Box today. I purchased the first box and I was very happy with everything inside the box so I decided to stick around a little longer to see if I would also like this box as much as I liked the first one.

Box of Style ships 4 times per year-March, July, September & December.
-The seasonal membership is $100.00 per box/ 4x a year.
-The annual membership is $350.00 a year.
I know it may sound like a lot but each box has over $300.00 worth of products inside.

The box is really nice and sturdy.

I love how they wrap everything up separately.

The hero item for the summer box is this White Leather Pushlock Handbag by The Cambridge Satchel Company. You can use this bag as a clutch also if you remove the strap. I think this bag is perfect for summer. This bag is $150.00.

Next they put this super cute Sarong thats by Mara Hoffman. This Sarong is Exclusively for the box of style. Its a nice size sarong. On the information card it shows a few different ways you can use this sarong. You can use it as a scarf, shawl, turban or you can use it as a beach blanket. The price of this sarong is $98.00.

This is a Bronzer by Too Faced. This is an item that I don't need right now, so I know I won't be using this and maybe I'll trade it or sell it. If anybody is interested in purchasing this item just let me know. This is $30.00.

A Lip Creme by Too Faced. I don't think I have ever used any lip products from this brand before so I was excited to try this out. The color is called Spice Spice Baby. I liked this lip creme a lot because it left my lips very smooth and hydrating. This is $22.00.

Nippies by Bristols 6. This is another product in the box that I know for sure I won't use at all, so once again I think I might trade this or if anybody is interested in purchasing this item let me know. This is $26.00.

Mineral Face Peel by O.R.G. Skincare. This has a spray-on applicator. I don't think I have ever seen a  face peel with a spray-on applicator. I think I might try this one out tonight. This is $44.00.

Overall: From 1-10 I would give this box a 8 just because I won't be using 2 of the items. I am happy with the 2nd box from Rachel Zoe. I know I won't use all the items but the ones that I will use I'm sure I'll get a good amount of use out of them. This box has a value of $370.00 inside.

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