Thursday, July 16, 2015

Citrus Lane Mystery Box!

Hi Guys!

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Citrus Lane had some mystery boxes so I decided to purchase one of the boxes. The mystery boxes always show you one item in the box and then the rest is a mystery.

 Melissa & Doug Wooden Friendship Stamp Set. This is actually perfect since a few weeks ago we went to target and I purchased a stamp that my daughter wanted but I forgot to buy the ink pad. My daughter is going to love this. $9.99.

Me4kidz Cool It Buddy. This is a reusable soft cold pack. I have a few of these but I feel like you can never have enough of these. They are the perfect size. $3.99.

Hape Lacing Skate. I was happy to also see this in my box but I feel like my daughter is still to young for this so I will be putting it away for a little while. $9.99.

JUNIORBEADS GLOW IN THE DARK. This is 100% silicone beads bracelet. $6.00

 I Play White Sun Hat. This is another item that is also perfect right now since my daughter just recently lost her white summer hat. I like that its white because it will go with everything. $13.00.

Goodbyn Hero. This is the item that I knew was going to be in the box. This has 3 different containers in 1 and also comes with 2 dippers. These are also good to have on hand. $12.99.

Overall: From 1-10 I would have to give this box a 9. I love almost everything in the box and my daughters will use everything in this box. My opinion when I purchase a mystery box from citrus lane it always ends up being a great box and thats why I continue to purchase them. 

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