Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hi Guys!

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Julep is a monthly subscription for nail polish and also for beauty items. The monthly box is $24.00 but you will get $40.00+ worth of nail polish and beauty products.

My first nail polish is a oxygen brightening nail treatment called Brighter is Better. This nail treatment conceals the yellowing & discoloration on your nails. It has lemon extract that brightens your nails, while the lemon peel oil will add moisture & shine.

My next nail polish is called Poppy. This is a jelly nail polish. They describe this color as Chili Pepper. I've never tried a Jelly nail polish so this was one of the reasons I decided to try out this box.

This is the third item in my box. Its a cuticle cream called your cuticles look thirsty. This was the other reason why I decided to get the box this month. I haven't purchased a Julep box in a while just because I have so much nail polish but I just had to try out this cuticle cream.

They also added 2 pieces of candy to the box.

Overall: From a 1-10 I would give this box a 8.5. I will use everything in the box. The oxygen brightening nail treatment and the cuticle cream are both great products. I haven't tried the jelly nail polish yet so hopefully I will like that product also.

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