Friday, July 29, 2016


Snacksack is a monthly subscription box that sends out better for you snacks every month. The boxes will include a mixture of organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, or gluten-free snacks. The box is $24.95 per month.

First look inside the box.

OOGIE'S - Movie Lovers Buttered Popcorn. I thought this popcorn was pretty good. I thought it tasted like movie theater popcorn.

OOGIE'S - White Cheddar Popcorn. Now this one was really, really good. This is probably one of the best white cheddar popcorn that I have tasted in a while. If I were to find this in a local store, I would pick up a bag or two.

OCEAN'S HALO - Sea Salt Seaweed. I'm not a fan of seaweed so I wasn't really excited to see this in the box. I might just pass this on to my sister.

LOVE GROWN FOODS - Blueberry Vanilla Polar Puffs. This cereal was pretty good. I enjoyed the berry, vanilla taste of these.

YOU LOVE FRUIT - Tart Peach Fruit Leathers. These fruit leathers are shaped like hearts. They are nice and thin. The flavor I think was just ok. I think it was the tart part that I didn't really like too much, If it was just peach I think that would have tasted better. I have tried other flavors of this fruit leather before and I thought it was very tasty.

THE COOKIE DEPARTMENT - Great Full Wellness Cookie. This cookie is vegan and made with sweet potatoes and cranberries. This was a tasty treat. I thought I wasn't going to like this since it was made with sweet potatoes and cranberries but I couldn't even taste the sweet potato.

BAKERY ON MAIN - Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola. This is another item that I have not tried yet but it looks good except for the cranberry part (but I can always pick them out). This granola is also gluten free.

BEANITOS - Honey Chipotle BBQ Chips. These chips are made with black beans. These never disappoint. They are a good alternative to a regular potato chip.

GLEE GUM - Wild Watermelon Chewing Gum. This had a nice fresh watermelon flavor. The gum is also sugar-free. The only thing about this gum is that the flavor doesn't last very long.

EATSMART - Garden Veggie Crisps. These chips are made with tomatoes, spinach and potatoes. They remind me of those veggie straws.

TOSI HEALTH - SuperBites. There was one more snack in the box but I can't seem to find the picture of it and I already ate it so I can't take a new picture of it. I received the almond superbites. I love almonds so this was a nice treat for me. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Bluum is a monthly subscription box that is customized based on your child's age and gender. This box is for babies and children up to the age of 4-5 I would say. The box will contain 4 items for your child and is $34.00 a month.

First look inside the box.

OILOGIC - Ouchies & Boo Boos Essential Oil Ointment. Retail $9.99. This essential oil ointment is supposed to help soothe hurting spots like cuts, scrapes and bruises. I thought this might be a good product to choose. I was expecting the bottle to be a little bigger but maybe its one of those things that you don't need a lot of in order for it to work.

This is the tube the essential oil came in. Its a 5 oz tube.

RE-PLAY - 1 Pk Divided Plate in Red. Retail $3.99. I didn't really see a fourth item to add to my daughters box so I just picked this plate. Its not very exciting but it will be used at some point.

MELISSA & DOUG - Jumbo Paint Brush Set. Retail $6.99. I think my daughter is going to really like these a lot. They are a good size for little kids.

MACMILLAN PUBLISHERS - My Sticker Activity Set. Retail $9.99. This comes with three books inside. The books have activities for the kids to do and also bring stickers. Like the Jumbo Brush Set I think my daughter is also going to like this, I mean which kid doesn't like stickers right? 

Thats how the books pull out.

Overall: I thought this box was pretty good. My box has a retail value of $30.96. The value of the box doesn't cover the cost of the box so thats a bummer, but I am the one that choose the products. I wish they would have added maybe one more item to at least cover the whole cost of the box.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Bluum is a monthly subscription box that is customized based on your child's age and gender. This box is for babies and children I would say up to 4-5 years old. The box will contain 4 items for your child and is $34.00 a month.

First look inside the box.

MIGHTY CLEAN BABY - Disposable Placemats. Retail $3.99. I decided to get these just so I can have on hand when we go out and eat. These will be great when we go to a restaurant. This comes with only 4 placemats.

MIXED PEARS - Bitesizers Scissors in Pink. Retail $19.99. Again these will be great for on the go. These scissors are good to cut perfectly pint-sized pieces of food for your baby.

EZ-PZ - Happy Mat in Coral. Retail $24.99. I like how this is a plate and a placemat all in one. It will help keep messes a little bit more contained.

2 RED HENS - Toy Nanny in Pink Lemonade. Retail $27.00. This is a bag to put all the toys and anything else you will need for your child to take on the go. This has 8 mesh pockets inside and it opens up as a play mat.

It opens up pretty big.

Overall: I was very happy with everything that I picked this month. Also the retail of everything in the box was $75.97. I believe this is one of the highest retail bluum boxes that I have gotten. 


PLAY! BY SEPHORA is a monthly beauty/makeup subscription box that is $10.00 a month. Each month you will get a PLAY! Book that has tips and tricks inside, a PLAY! Pass that you can take to your Sephora store so you can get advice on how to use the products in that month's box and in the box you will also receive six samples.

This month all the products came in a cute bag with an ice-cream design on it.

NEST FRAGRANCES - in Citrine: This smells ok. I don't really like getting samples of perfumes in subscription boxes but I know this one will always have a sample of perfume so thats fine.

FIRST AID BEAUTY - Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay. This cleaner uses botanicals and red clay to remove excess oil, purify, and balance skin. So far I've used this only one time and didn't really notice to much of a difference, but I have only used it one time like I said. 

TOO FACED - Soleil Matte Bronzer in Chocolate. This is a lightweight, build able matte bronzer that is formulated with cocoa powder so it will give you a natural looking glow.

This is the inside of the Bronzer.

OUAI - Wave Spray. This is a weightless texture mist that gives your hair an effortless, undone look while adding volume and shine. This spray didn't really work so well with my hair but it did give my hair nice shine.

SMASHBOX - Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer. This primer is for combination to oily skin. It controls shine and minimizes the look of pores. This worked well in controlling the sine on my skin.

BEAUTYBLENDER - Blotterazzi. This is one of those sponges that removes oil. Its washable and reusable. I already have one of these and use it all the time so I was fine getting this in the box so I can have a spare. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Natural Sins Review.

Disclosure: I received this samples for review purpose. 

Natural Sins is a Costa Rican fruit and veggie chip company. They hand slice the fruit and veggies 1/4 mm thick, sprinkle each batch with pure cane sugar and bake them low and slow so each fruit and veggie is crispy. Each bag only has two ingredients. 

CRISPY MANGO CHIPS: The mango's are grown in Costa Rica. When I opened the bag I noticed that each slice was super thin that you could almost see through them. Each piece also has the outside skin left on them too. I love how big the slices were, I don't think I have ever seen a dry mango as big as these were and I don't think I have ever seen one that still had the outside skin on them. They were crispy and really good.

These are the mango chips out of the bag.

CRISPY PINEAPPLE CHIPS: Yummmmm so good!!! Again these were so thin and crispy. The Pineapple chips were also nice and big. I love how they use the whole pineapple even the rind. 

These are the pineapple chips out of the bag.

CRISPY COCONUT CHIPS: Again these were really good. I've tried other coconut chips before and I have to say that these were probably one of the better ones that I have tried. When I eat coconut chips I could only eat a few but when I was eating these I couldn't stop eating them. 

These are the coconut chips out of the bag.

CRISPY BEET CHIPS: I thought these were interesting when I first saw them. I don't think I have ever seen beet chips before, so this was a first. They are also a nice size chip. They also look so pretty. 

These are the beet chips out of the bag.

Overall: All the fruit and veggie chips were really good. I like how each bag contains only two ingredients and I like how they use the whole fruit and veggie. They are a good choice if you need something to snack on. I would definitely recommend trying Natural Sins out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 2016 Pop sugar Must Have Box

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Popsugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send out products from beauty, fitness, food etc... The cost of the box is $39.95 per month.

First look at the products inside the box.

Everything in the box.

EUROPEAN WAX CENTER: Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter in Pearl. Retail $19.00. You can use this on your brow's, cheekbones or even on you lips.

SACHAJUAN: Hair in the Sun. Retail $32.00. I would say this is a bit on the pricey side, no? This has a UV-filter formula that won't wash out in the pool or ocean and will stay in your hair until you shampoo it off. It's supposed to protect your hair from damaging UV rays. I don't think I would ever spend that much on a product like this for my hair so it was nice to get it in the box.

MICHAEL STARS: Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White. Retail $30.00. I don't mind getting scarves in subscription boxes since I feel like its a great accessory to add to your outfits. This is a skinny scarf so I think it would be nice to add to your handbag. The description card says that you can dress it up or down by wrapping, knotting, or simply draping it atop your favorite summer ensembles - or using it as a headband. 

SUNNYLIFE: Inflatable Swan Drink Holder. Retail $18.00. This swan float hold up to four drinks. Even though I think this is very cute, I think this was a weird item to put in the box since not everyone has a swimming pool.

HOUSE OF POM: Emoji Cocktail Napkins. Retail $25.00. These are very cute. When I first saw spoilers for this box I thought these were just paper napkins but they are not paper napkins and you can reuse them over and over again. This came with six different napkins. 

These are the designs for the napkins. So cute.

PINTRILL: Pineapple Pin. Retail $12.00. I thought this was going to be a little bigger. Its so cute to add to your clothing or to your handbag. Its smaller then what I thought it was going to be. They suggest you can use this to pin your skinny scarf into place.

JOE CHIPS: Classic Sea Salt Retro Potato Chips. Retail $1.49. These are kettle chips. I shared these with my husband and we both thought they were pretty good. 

The box also included a $20.00 GiftCard to TROVE. I'm not going to include the gift card to the value of the box since I looked at the website and everything is pricey so you are going to go over the $20.00 gift card it you want to purchase something.

Overall the box had a value of $137.49. I think its a great value for this box. I would totally recommend this box if you want to try it out.  So if you do want to try it out just click here to sign up.