Friday, July 29, 2016


Snacksack is a monthly subscription box that sends out better for you snacks every month. The boxes will include a mixture of organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, or gluten-free snacks. The box is $24.95 per month.

First look inside the box.

OOGIE'S - Movie Lovers Buttered Popcorn. I thought this popcorn was pretty good. I thought it tasted like movie theater popcorn.

OOGIE'S - White Cheddar Popcorn. Now this one was really, really good. This is probably one of the best white cheddar popcorn that I have tasted in a while. If I were to find this in a local store, I would pick up a bag or two.

OCEAN'S HALO - Sea Salt Seaweed. I'm not a fan of seaweed so I wasn't really excited to see this in the box. I might just pass this on to my sister.

LOVE GROWN FOODS - Blueberry Vanilla Polar Puffs. This cereal was pretty good. I enjoyed the berry, vanilla taste of these.

YOU LOVE FRUIT - Tart Peach Fruit Leathers. These fruit leathers are shaped like hearts. They are nice and thin. The flavor I think was just ok. I think it was the tart part that I didn't really like too much, If it was just peach I think that would have tasted better. I have tried other flavors of this fruit leather before and I thought it was very tasty.

THE COOKIE DEPARTMENT - Great Full Wellness Cookie. This cookie is vegan and made with sweet potatoes and cranberries. This was a tasty treat. I thought I wasn't going to like this since it was made with sweet potatoes and cranberries but I couldn't even taste the sweet potato.

BAKERY ON MAIN - Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola. This is another item that I have not tried yet but it looks good except for the cranberry part (but I can always pick them out). This granola is also gluten free.

BEANITOS - Honey Chipotle BBQ Chips. These chips are made with black beans. These never disappoint. They are a good alternative to a regular potato chip.

GLEE GUM - Wild Watermelon Chewing Gum. This had a nice fresh watermelon flavor. The gum is also sugar-free. The only thing about this gum is that the flavor doesn't last very long.

EATSMART - Garden Veggie Crisps. These chips are made with tomatoes, spinach and potatoes. They remind me of those veggie straws.

TOSI HEALTH - SuperBites. There was one more snack in the box but I can't seem to find the picture of it and I already ate it so I can't take a new picture of it. I received the almond superbites. I love almonds so this was a nice treat for me. 

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