Friday, July 1, 2016

June Bluum Box.

Bluum is a monthly subscription box that is customized based on your child's age and gender. This box is for babies and children. The box will contain 4 items for your child and is $34.00 a month.

First look inside the box.

I choose all the pieces in this months box for my daughter. This box is for my 14 month old girl. 

BOON: Chomp Hungry Whale Bath. This is such a cute bath toy. The whale also comes with little toys that can fit inside the whale. Retail is $9.99

BOON: Fluid Sippy Cup in Pink & Purple. I thought this was in interesting sippy cup. Its different then your regular sippy cup. The body of the sippy cup is pink and the top of it is purple. I haven't given this to my daughter yet since she is using a different one right now but she will eventually use it. Retail is $7.49.

HABA: Sun Bistro Fried Egg Fry-Up. I thought this was such a cute toy. This sand toy comes with a frying pan and an egg. Your kids can put fill up the frying pan with sand and then use the egg to make the design of an egg in the sand. Retail is $6.99.

TOYSMITH: Floating Light Up Octopus In Pink. I forgot to take the picture of the octopus without it lighting up. I really thought my daughters would have a ball with this and I thought they were going to love it so I ended up getting a different color in my older daughters box, but they both didn't really pay much attention to it. So that was a bummer. Retail is $4.99.

So the total for this month's box was just $29.46 so it didn't really cover the cost of the box, but I did pick all the items in the box. I like that I did end up getting all the items that I choose since in the past I had some boxes that were missing some items. Even though the box value wasn't there I am still happy with this box. 

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