Friday, July 1, 2016

June Bluum Box.

Bluum is a monthly subscription box that is customized based on your child's age and gender. This box is for babies and children. The box will contain 4 items for your child and is $34.00 a month.

This box is for my 3 year old.

MELISSA & DOUG: Cinco Starfish Scoop. How cute is this starfish shovel!!! This is of course perfect for the sand. The retail is $2.98

FRESH BABY: Myplate Cutlery Set - 3 pcs. This set comes with a fork, knife, spoon and a zippered pouch. Its perfect for taking it with you on the go. Retail is $9.95.

How cute are the little pictures on the fork, knife and spoon. The fork has a little tomato, the knife has little grapes and the spoon has little carrots.

OILOGIC: Bug Bites & Itches Essential Oil Roll-On. This naturally soothes itching from bug bites and minor skin irritations. I thought this was just a good item to pick for this time of year. Retail is $9.99.

TOYSMITH: Floating Light Up Octopus in Green. This octopus lights up in the bathtub or the swimming pool. All you have to do to light it up is shake it. I thought my girls were going got like this octopus that I picked a pink one for my younger daughter but both of them were really not into this toy at all. Retail is $4.99.

This is the Octopus when it is lighting up.

The total for this months box was just $27.91. So again its below the actual cost of the months box, but I am the one that choose the products that I wanted for my daughter. It would have been nice if they did include just another little item in the box so at least it would total at least the $34.00.

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