Tuesday, July 26, 2016


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Bluum is a monthly subscription box that is customized based on your child's age and gender. This box is for babies and children I would say up to 4-5 years old. The box will contain 4 items for your child and is $34.00 a month.

First look inside the box.

MIGHTY CLEAN BABY - Disposable Placemats. Retail $3.99. I decided to get these just so I can have on hand when we go out and eat. These will be great when we go to a restaurant. This comes with only 4 placemats.

MIXED PEARS - Bitesizers Scissors in Pink. Retail $19.99. Again these will be great for on the go. These scissors are good to cut perfectly pint-sized pieces of food for your baby.

EZ-PZ - Happy Mat in Coral. Retail $24.99. I like how this is a plate and a placemat all in one. It will help keep messes a little bit more contained.

2 RED HENS - Toy Nanny in Pink Lemonade. Retail $27.00. This is a bag to put all the toys and anything else you will need for your child to take on the go. This has 8 mesh pockets inside and it opens up as a play mat.

It opens up pretty big.

Overall: I was very happy with everything that I picked this month. Also the retail of everything in the box was $75.97. I believe this is one of the highest retail bluum boxes that I have gotten. 

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