Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Love With Food Box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I would like to show you guys the December Love With Food Box.  Love With Food has two different boxes that you can choose from, they have the Tasting Box and the Deluxe Box.  The Tasting Box is just $10.00 a month.  The Deluxe Box is only $17.00 a month.  The company has sent me the December Deluxe Box to review.

Right now the company is having a promotion that includes all boxes.  You can get $10.00 off your first month with the coupon code YEAREND2013, and you can use this coupon more than once per account.  Also if you subscribe you will receive a $15.00 gift to, little black bag or personal  So if you guys are interested now is the time to sign up.  

The box came packed full as usual.

The first thing is a sample pack of peppermints by St. Clair's Organics.

 I received a chocolate dipped mandolin by Donsuemor.

A piece of Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa chocolate.

I have a snow angell chocolate bar.  This candy bar is made from creamy white chocolate thats wrapped around a coconut center.

This is the original MaddyMelts marshmallow topper.  I think this is such a great idea.

Along with the marshmallow topper came a package of hot chocolate powder by Les Confitures a l'Ancienne.  This was great with the marshmallow topper.

In the box came 2 Grey Ghost Bakery Molasses Spice Cookies.

 I received a Spinach Dip Mix by Desert Gardens Chile & Spice Company.  I can't wait to try this.

I have a pack of savory crisps by 34 Degrees.  These were very good.

The last  food item is a bag of Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips.

They also included a tote bag which I thought was a nice idea.

Overall I think that this box is a great price since you are getting a box full of new snacks to try out.  Each time they send out a box to somebody they will donate a meal.  If you guys like trying out new things make sure you give Love with Food a try.  

Little Black Bag!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I would like to show you guys my Little Black Bag.  

 In my box I received a Gold Diamond Wishbone Necklace by Jules Smith.  This is such a cute and simple necklace.  The retail value of this necklace is $65.00.

I received a hot pink Flap Shoulder Bag by Nila Anthony.  This is a very cute bag but its bigger than what I was expecting.  The retail value of this bag is $66.00.

I received another handbag.   This is an Olivia + Joy Tiffany Satchel.  This is a nice black basic handbag.  The retail value of this bag is $98.00.

The last item I received in my box was this really cute iWave Audio Zebra iPhone 5 Case.  The retail value of this case is $15.00.

I paid $55.90 for this box but the retail price of everything is $244.00.  So overall I am happy with this box.

If you don't know what Little Black Bag is I will try to explain it to you guys, so when you sign up for Little Black Bag you get to choose your first item and then they pick 2-3 more items and put them in your bag.  When you have the items picked out then you will be able to trade the products that you don't want with other people.  You will have 7 days to trade your items, but if you don't want to trade for the whole 7 days you can just ship your bag at any time before the 7 days are up.  They add new items every week.  If you want to try out Little Black Bag just sign up here and you will get 25% off your first bag.

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)   

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November Love with food box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you guys the November Love with food box.  Love with food has two different boxes that you can choose from, they have the Tasting Box and the Deluxe Box.  The Tasting box has 8+ new snacks each month and is $10.00 a month.  The Deluxe Box has 16-20 new snacks each month and is only $17.00 a month.  If you sign up for a gift subscription you can save $5.00 if you enter the code HOLIDAY2013.  The company sent me the November box to review.  

This box is $10.00.

The first thing that I pulled out of the box was a bag of tuxedo popcorn from Kukuruza.  This is a bag of popcorn that are drizzled with premium milk and white chocolate.  These were really good.

Then I pulled out a bag of sweet potato popchips from popchips.  The size of the bag was new wt .8 oz.

Next I received a bag with two rosemary & pink sea salt cookies from Dancing Deer Baking Co.  They are all butter shortbread.

There was an apricot, almond and yogurt bar from Eat Natural.

I received a piece of maple fudge from Laura Secord.  The fudge was very soft.  It was also very good.

I received a packet of authentic indian spice blends from Arora Creations.  I haven't tried this yet but I'm sure it will be good.


I received a ginger twist tea bag from Mighty Leaf.

I received a bag of sweet corn crunch dried snack from Sensible Foods.  This is 100% crunch dried corn.  This bag has a net wt of .42 oz.  These were yummy.

I received two pieces of Green & Black's Organic, Dark 70% Chocolate.  They came in a cute little brown bag.

Overall I think $10.00 is a good price for everything you are getting in the box.  It comes full of new items to try so you might find some that you really like.  I like the fact that they donate a meal each time they sent out a box to somebody.  If you guys like trying out new things make sure to give Love with Food a try.  

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lansinoh Review!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to share with you two products by the brand Lansinoh.  The company Lansinoh sells products for breastfeeding moms.  The company has sent me 2 products for me to try out.  They sent me Soothies Gel Pads and Disposable Nursing Pads.


The first product is the Soothies Gel Pads.  The gel pads have an instant cooling pain relief.  They relieve and help heal sore nipples.  The Gel Pads are reusable for up to 72 hours.  They are available at different locations like Walmart, Target, etc...  The suggested retail price is $10.99.  These worked great. n

The second product that they sent me was a box of disposable nursing pads.  This box comes with 36 individually wrapped pads.  They have a unique breathable waterproof layer that keeps your clothing protected.  They maintain the form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow.  They have a quilted honeycomb lining that provides leak-proof coverage and locks in moisture.  They are available in 36, 60 or 100 count and they are also available in different locations like Target, Walmart, Babies 'R' Us etc...  They retail price varies depending on which count you get and the price begins at $5.49  This is the same brand that I have been using for about 2 months now.  I have tried a few different brands and this is one of the best ones that I have tried.

Overall I really like this brand.  I have used Lansinoh products for a few months now and all the products that I have tried have worked great.  

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys.  :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Daddy Scrubs Review!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you a product by the company daddy scrubs.  Daddy Scrubs has sent me the daddy diaper pack for me to review.

The daddy diaper pack is a black backpack for dads to take all the items they need for the baby.  The features that this backpack has are two roomy compartments for diapers, wipes, clothes and toys.  It has an insulated cooler pocket for snacks.  It has pockets for your keys, money, pacifiers and small toys.  It has a fleece lined pocket.  The backpack also has mesh side pockets for baby bottles.  It's one size 19 x 12 x 9".

This is the perfect for shopping, walking trips, car rides ect...

Overall I think this is a great backpack and it holds everything you need when you go out with your baby.  My husband said he likes this backpack a lot.  He said this is the perfect gift for a father to be or a new dad.  He is going to get a lot of use out of this.

If you guys have any questions or comments just post below.  Thanks :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mexican Candy Box Review!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you guys a subscription box called Mexican Candy Box.  This box has a selection of sweet & spicy candy from Mexico every month.  There's three flavor boxes that you get to choose from, they are Sweet & Spicy Box, Spicy Box and Sweet Box.  This box also comes in three different sizes that you get to choose from, they have Solo (individual), Amigo (friend) and Familia (family).  The Solo box is $12.00 monthly, the Amigo box is $15.00 monthly and the Familia box is $20.00 monthly.  The company was nice enough to send me the november box so I can review.

Now on to the box.

The first sweet thing that came in the box was 3 chocolate coins.

The next sweet candy I received were 5 pieces of candy called Damy.  These are crunchy toffee candy with peanuts.  These were interesting.

I received 3 pieces of Mazapan de la Rosa that was also under sweet candy.  This is a peanut candy.  These were very soft and fell apart quickly.  These were very good.  I liked how soft they were.

I received some sweet lollipops that were called Pale-Locas.  These were very interesting.  Each stick had 2 different lollipops on them.

I received 5 packs of sour candy called LimonCho.  They had a Lemon Lime flavor.  These were also very good.

In the box were 5 packs of spicy candy called Chipeleta.  Inside each bag came one orange lollipop with chili powder.  I enjoyed the orange lollipop but I did not like the chili powder.  These were just not for me. My husband didn't really like these either.

I pulled out another spicy lollipop called Rico Pepino.  This was a Cucumber Lollipop with Chili Powder.  I didn't really like this one either.

The last thing that I received was a spicy candy called Lucas Chamoy.  This was a Sweet & Sour Chamoy flavored powder.  This one was good.

Overall I thought this box was very interesting.  I liked that this box came nice and full.  I also liked trying out all new candy that I have never seen before.  If you guys like trying out new things you should give this box a try.

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

November Citrus Lane Box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you my November Citrus Lane Box.  This is a monthly children's subscription box that is personalized to your kids age and stage.  The cost of each box is $25.00 but if you click here you will get $10.00 off your first box.

This is what came in my November box.

The first thing that I pull out of the box is a clutch from Boon.  This is a basket that keeps things like zippy cu spouts and valves upright for thorough cleaning in the dishwasher.  This should fit easily into most dishwashers.  This is $11.99.

I received a super bib from Bumkins.  The price of this bib is $6.95.

I received a twist teether from Green Toys.  This is so cute.  This is made from 100% recycled plastic that's free from BPA, phthalates and PVC.  The price of this teether is $10.99

They sent me a lip comfort from Pur-lisse.   It's a petroleum-free, nourishing lip balm formulated with shea and mango butters, vegetable butters and jojoba oils that really hydrate.  The cost of this lip comfort is $16.00.

The last thing in the box was a post card for four sets of address labels & Free shipping from Tiny prints.  The only thing that I don't like about this is that it requires a $99.00 minimum purchase.  I don't think I will be using this.

Overall I thought this box was just ok.  I liked a few of the things in the box but I did not like the offer from tiny prints.

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love With Food!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you guys the October Love With Food Box.  For the month of November if you purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription (including both personal and gift subscriptions) the company is going to add a bonus 2 year subscription to the Rachel Ray magazine.  The company has sent me this box to review.  If you enter FESTIVE2013 here you will get $5.00 off your subscription.

Now on to the October Box.

The first thing that I pulled out of the box was a bag of chocolate pizzelle crisps from silk city snacks.  These were very good.  They were light and crispy.  The bag has a net wt of 0.825 oz.

I received 2 little boxes of glee gum in the flavor triple berry.

Next I have 2 new world caveman cookies by caveman bakery.  The cookies are grain free and have no dairy.  This was a very good snack.  The cookies was nice and soft.

I received 3 organic hard candies from Torie & Howard.

I have a little packet of pixa pearls from vinaigrette gingras.  These are apple cider vinegar pearls.  I have not tried this out.

Next I have a fruit and veggie twist by happy squeeze in the flavor blueberry, apple & purple carrot.  This pouch is high in antioxidant vitamin c.  The net wt is 3.5 oz.

I have a bag of toasted coconut chips by dang.  I have had these before and I think they are really yummy.  They are crunchy, lightly salty, and sweet.  The net wt is 1.43 oz.

In the box was a fruit & nut delight bar by kind.  I enjoy eating these bars.  They are very good.

The last thing was a coupon for a free entree of lean cuisine honestly good.  This was a nice surprise.

Overall I think this was a great box.  There were same really tasty items inside and it came nice and packed.

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)