Friday, December 6, 2013

Lansinoh Review!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to share with you two products by the brand Lansinoh.  The company Lansinoh sells products for breastfeeding moms.  The company has sent me 2 products for me to try out.  They sent me Soothies Gel Pads and Disposable Nursing Pads.


The first product is the Soothies Gel Pads.  The gel pads have an instant cooling pain relief.  They relieve and help heal sore nipples.  The Gel Pads are reusable for up to 72 hours.  They are available at different locations like Walmart, Target, etc...  The suggested retail price is $10.99.  These worked great. n

The second product that they sent me was a box of disposable nursing pads.  This box comes with 36 individually wrapped pads.  They have a unique breathable waterproof layer that keeps your clothing protected.  They maintain the form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow.  They have a quilted honeycomb lining that provides leak-proof coverage and locks in moisture.  They are available in 36, 60 or 100 count and they are also available in different locations like Target, Walmart, Babies 'R' Us etc...  They retail price varies depending on which count you get and the price begins at $5.49  This is the same brand that I have been using for about 2 months now.  I have tried a few different brands and this is one of the best ones that I have tried.

Overall I really like this brand.  I have used Lansinoh products for a few months now and all the products that I have tried have worked great.  

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys.  :)

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