Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November Love with food box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you guys the November Love with food box.  Love with food has two different boxes that you can choose from, they have the Tasting Box and the Deluxe Box.  The Tasting box has 8+ new snacks each month and is $10.00 a month.  The Deluxe Box has 16-20 new snacks each month and is only $17.00 a month.  If you sign up for a gift subscription you can save $5.00 if you enter the code HOLIDAY2013.  The company sent me the November box to review.  

This box is $10.00.

The first thing that I pulled out of the box was a bag of tuxedo popcorn from Kukuruza.  This is a bag of popcorn that are drizzled with premium milk and white chocolate.  These were really good.

Then I pulled out a bag of sweet potato popchips from popchips.  The size of the bag was new wt .8 oz.

Next I received a bag with two rosemary & pink sea salt cookies from Dancing Deer Baking Co.  They are all butter shortbread.

There was an apricot, almond and yogurt bar from Eat Natural.

I received a piece of maple fudge from Laura Secord.  The fudge was very soft.  It was also very good.

I received a packet of authentic indian spice blends from Arora Creations.  I haven't tried this yet but I'm sure it will be good.


I received a ginger twist tea bag from Mighty Leaf.

I received a bag of sweet corn crunch dried snack from Sensible Foods.  This is 100% crunch dried corn.  This bag has a net wt of .42 oz.  These were yummy.

I received two pieces of Green & Black's Organic, Dark 70% Chocolate.  They came in a cute little brown bag.

Overall I think $10.00 is a good price for everything you are getting in the box.  It comes full of new items to try so you might find some that you really like.  I like the fact that they donate a meal each time they sent out a box to somebody.  If you guys like trying out new things make sure to give Love with Food a try.  

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)

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