Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tisano Chocolate Tea and Giveaway

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I have a Tisano Chocolate Tea review and giveaway.  The company sent me this chocolate tea so I can try out.

As soon as I opened up the tea it smelled amazing!!  This company is different then any other tea company because they don't make the tea from leaves but instead the tea is made up of 100% cocoa bean shells and that's it.  When you make the tea you have to make sure that you don't put too many of the cocoa bean shells in it or else it will be bitter.  The company recommends to only use 2 teaspoons per cup.  You will have to let the tea steep for about 5 minutes.  I really enjoyed the taste of this tea, it was delicious.

Look at all the samples they sent me so I can have a contest for my readers!!!  How awesome is that.  They sent me some samples of the Nibbles Organic Dark Chocolate Nibs and they also sent me some samples of the Original Cacao Tea.

For the giveaway I will be picking a few winners and I am just going to divide all of the samples between the winners.  :)

The winners are Angel, Patty K., Miguel, Fiorella A.   Congratulations to everyone that won and I will be e-mailing you guys shortly.  :)

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The company sent me the chocolate tea so I can try out and review, even though they sent me this product all the opinions on the post are my own.


  1. Hi Yoli,
    I have followed you back and I am now following you. :) In fact I entered your giveaway. I LOVE tea...what a surprise.

  2. Thanks for this great review! I'm a big time tea lover so I have my fingers and toes crossed :)