Monday, August 20, 2012

Maison Bouche

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I have some chocolates from Maison Bouche.  You guys should check out the website

I like how they came packaged.  I thought it was so cute (it looks like a little gift).  :)

Maison Bouche sent me four different chocolate bars.  They sent me Lavande des Hautes-Alpes et Fleur de sel, Biscuit au Pepite de Chocolat, Sables Croquants and Fleur de sel.

The first one that I tried was the Lavande des Hautes-Alpes et Fleur de sel.  It had a very light lavender taste to it.  On the back of it said that it is Lavender from the High Alps with Sea Salt.  This bar was very smooth and delicious.  It was milk chocolate.  I just love the combination of chocolate and sea salt.  

The next one is Biscuit au Pepite de Chocolat.  This chocolate bar had chocolate chip cookie pieces. Each piece had a good amount of the cookie pieces.  This one was also milk chocolate.

Then I tried the Sables Croquants bar.  This chocolate bar also had cookie pieces in it but this time it had crispy butter cookie pieces.  This bar was dark chocolate.  This bar like the one above had a lot cookie pieces in each square, which gave it a nice texture to it.  It was smooth with a little crunch to it at the same time.

The last bar was my favorite.  Like I said before I just love chocolate and sea salt together, YUM!!!  This bar was also dark chocolate so I was surprised that it was my favorite because I like milk chocolate better, but this was delicious.  

Overall I was very pleased with these chocolates.  The chocolate was high quality.  They were all very rich and delicious.  I think they would make some great gifts for chocolate lovers :) .  They were all very high quality chocolates.  The bars were 2.2 oz each.  The expiration dates on the bars were between January 2013-February 2013 so they will last a little while which I also like.  On there website they also have caramels and macarons which look delicious.  Check them out here

The company sent me these chocolates so I can review them, even though they send me these chocolates all of the opinions on the post are my own.  

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks :)

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