Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wantable May Accessories Box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you guys my Wantable May Accessories Box.  Wantable is a monthly subscription box that is $36.00 a month with the subscription but if you don't want to sign up for a subscription and you want to try out the box you can still do so but it will be $40.00 instead for the box.

Wantable has 3 different box options that you can choose from.  The options are a Makeup Box, an Accessories Box and an Intimates Box.  You can choose one box, two boxes or all three boxes.

So this is what came in my Accessories Box.

The first thing is called a Bella Blue Scarf.  This is a really nice infinity scarf.  I am going to be using this so much.  This will go so nicely with a lot of things.  The retail is $21.00

Next I have a pair of Sunglasses.  These are super cute.  The retail of these sunglasses is $17.00.

These are also really cute.  Here I have a pair of earrings called Nichole Earrings.  These are also very cute.  The retail of these is $16.00.

I also received a second pair of earrings.  These are called the Nichole earrings.  This is not really my style so I'm not sure if I will be using them or not.  Maybe I'll give them to somebody.  The retail of these earrings is $16.00.

Overall I am impressed with this box.  I will be using everything or almost everything in the box (I'm not sure yet about the Nichole earrings).

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