Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Julep Box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

This is the 2nd Julep Box that I received this month.  If you guys would like to sign up and get your first box for free click here and enter the work FREECOLOR at checkout.

In this box I received a Plie Wand.  This is the new tool that Julep has.  Its supposed to be easier to paint your nails.  

I also received the Plie Wand creativity kit.  This kit comes with the striping brush and the dotting tool.

The first color is a gold color called Margot.

The included this color for free in the box.  This is a pretty royal blue color called Monaco.

The last color is a pink color called Reese.

Inside the box also came 2 Plie Wand Precision Brushes.

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