Friday, May 15, 2015


Hi Guys!!

Today I would like to show you what I received in the May Julep + Brika Mystery Box.  I haven't purchased a mystery box in a while so I decided to buy this one since it came with a really cute clutch bag, 2 pretty nail polishes and the rest is a mystery.  The cost of this box was $29.99 + tax.

This is the Brika clutch bag that was included.  I was surprised at how soft this clutch was.  Its super cute and a good size.  The bag is 9" x 11", and is big enough to put your iPad mini inside.

This is one of the colors that I knew was going to be in the box.  The color is called Shayla.  This is a purple perennial full-coverage microglitter.  The full price is $14.00 but for mavens its only $11.20.

 The other color that I also knew was going to be in the box is called Marcella.  This is a Weathered pink creme color.  In person this color does not look as bright as it does in the picture.  Its a pretty pink for summer though.  This is $14.00 but if your a maven its only $11.20.

This was one of the mystery colors in the box.  This one is called Bea.  The color description on the Julep website is Lemonade creme.  This is a pretty pastel yellow color which is also perfect for summer.   This is $14.00 but for mavens its only $11.20.

This was also one of the mystery colors.  This one is called Brandis.  The color description on the julep website is taos turquoise creme.  This is such a pretty color turquoise color and I will be using this color a lot.  The full price of this is $14.00 but if your a maven its only going to be $11.20.

The last mystery color is called Chatoya.  The color description on the Julep website is bright platinum glitter top coat.  This one is $14.00 but for mavens its $11.20.

I also received a lip gloss in the color vivid.  This is a very dark color for me.  Its a wine burgundy shimmer color.  I will not be using this since its so dark and not anything I would use so I might be trading this one or gifting it.  This is $16.00.

The last item in the mystery box was this Length Matters Mascara in jet black.  This one is $24.00 but if you're a maven its only $19.20.

I also decided to add one nail polish since there was a coupon for a free polish so I ended up picking the color Alaina.  This is a driftwood taupe creme color.  This is a neutral color and is great just to have in your nail polish collection.  The regular price is $14.00 but if your a maven it's only $11.20.

I am very happy with this mystery box.  I will be using all of the colors in this box for summer.  Each time I do get a mystery box I am usually happy with it.

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