Tuesday, May 26, 2015


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I purchased two Citrus Lane Mystery Boxes not to long ago and today I am going to show you the one for my 23 month old daughter.  So Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for your kids.  They send you a box of items based on your child's age but once in a while they will have mystery boxes that you can purchase separate from the monthly subscription.  With the mystery boxes they show you one of the items in the box and then the rest is a mystery.  This box was $24.00 but has a value of $50.00.

Bumkins Classic Minnie Large Snack Bag.  These always come in handy.  They are very easy to clean you just have to wipe them down since they are made from waterproof fabric just like the bibs.  They are machine washable and also dishwasher-safe.  The regular price of these are $4.95.

Bumkins Minnie 2 Pack Snack Bags.  These are smaller then the one on top.  Again they are Machine washable and also dishwasher-safe.  I did not mind at all that I received more snack bags.  Like I said these come in handy and will be used.  I like how you can use these instead of using the single-use plastic bags.  The regular price of these is $6.95.

The World of Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar Place Mats.  These are great.  This comes with 48 tear-off doodle place mats.  My daughter loves to just scribble on her coloring books so she is going to love these.  I couldn't find them on the citrus lane website but I did find them on Barnes and Noble on sale for $10.97.

Faber-Castell 12 Jumbo Beeswax Crayons.  So this one of the items why I decided to choose this box for my daughter.  Like I said the loves to color.  I couldn't find these exact one's on the Citrus Lane website either but I found them on the faber-castell website on sale for $3.50.

Faber-Castell Doodling Pad.  This was the other reason why I picked this box for my daughter.  They usually only let you see one item that comes in the box but with this box they showed you both the crayons and the doodling pad.  This pad is actually smaller then what I thought it was going to be but its still fine.  Again I did not find this on the Citrus Lane website but I found it on the Faber-Castell website and the regular price is $2.49.

Hohner Kids Easy Grip Maracas.  My daughter already has a similar pair of maracas from one of the monthly citrus lane boxes so I'm not going to give them to her just yet.  On the Hohner kids website the regular price is $8.00.

Picnic Time Puzzle Wheel.  This is really cute.  This puzzle has 7 pieces all together.  Again I could not find this item on the Citrus Lane website but I found the same puzzle on galison.com and the price is $9.99.

Everything in the box came to a retail value of $46.85 so a little less then the amount that was supposed to be in the box but I am still happy with this box.

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