Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Darby Smart Box!!

August Darby Smart Box!!!

Darby Smart is a DIY craft monthly subscription box.  Each box comes with all the supplies you will need for the project but it does not come with instructions on how to do your project.  For the instructions you will have to go on-line to look at them.  On the outside of the box it says internet rehab inside (which I think is cute) so I'm not sure why they would make you go on-line to get the instructions.  The monthly subscription is $19.00 a month or you can just purchase one of the projects they have online.  If you are interested in tying this box out click here to sign up.  

This month they sent all the supplies to make your own soap massage bars.

This is the Massage Bar Soap Mold.  It comes with 4 different shapes.

They sent a bag of Poppy Seeds.

A big block of Whit Soap Base.

The last thing is a bottle of Lemon Fragrance Oil.

This will be an interesting project to do.

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