Sunday, August 17, 2014

100 Degree Julep Mystery Box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you guys what I received in my 100 Degree Julep Mystery Box.  This box was $24.99 + Tax, but this box is supposed to come with a value of over $100.00 or more.

If you are not signed up for Julep and you would like to try it out click here to sign up.

This is the box

First thing is called nail moisture mask.  Its a double-duty cuticle and nail care.   This pack has I believe 10 nail masks (one for each finger).  I've never used anything like this so this will be interesting.  The retail for one is $6.00.

Next I have a blank canvas mattifying eye primer.  The retail is $22.00

I have a lip gloss in the color posh.  I don't really like this color too much.  It looks very dark.  I might try to trade this one with somebody.  The retail is $20.00.

I received 4 different nail colors.

The first one is called Max.  This is a black and white graffiti top coat.  The retail is $14.00.

The next color is called Zoe.  This color I would say is like an orange/brown metallic color.  This is going to be really nice for fall.  I think this might be one of the older colors from the past since it didn't come in the packaging that they have now.  The retail is $14.00.

I received a color called Lynn.  This color I would say is more of a peachy/pink color.  Very pretty.  I tried to look this one up on the website and they don't seem to have it anymore so I'm going to say that the retail is probably $14.00 also.  

The last color that I received is called Gloria.  This is a bright orange color.  This is great for halloween.  I couldn't find this one on the website either so I'm also guessing this one is $14.00.

So everything came out to be $104.00.  This box I would have to say is one of my least favorite julep mystery boxes so far.

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