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Sudzclub is a monthly subscription service.  They will send you all the basic toiletries that you need each month to your house or dorm room.  They send you all your toiletries in a cute package.  Sudzclub sent me this bag to review.  

They have a few subscription options.  
-For one month its $29.99 per month.
-Three months its $24.99 per month.
-Six months its $22.99 per month.
-For a one year subscription its only $20.00 per month.  

They have 2 different promotions going on right now, the first one is use code "SUDZCLUB5" for $5.00 off your next purchase if you click here and the other promotion is get 20% off all products if you click here.  
This is a great service to get since you will never run out of the essentials that you need every month and this is great for college students.  

-Daily Defense Shampoo this is enriched with Macadamia Oil.
-Daily Defense Conditioner that is also enriched with Macadamia Oil.
They are both full size products which is great.  On amazon they are $13.89 for both.

I like the fact that they covered the top of the shampoo and conditioner bottles with clear wrap so they wouldn't spill in the bag.  

 -Daily Defense Body Wash that is enriched with Macadamia Oil.
I couldn't find this online so I'm just taking a guess at how much it is and I'll say $8.00.

 -Razz bath & shower sponge.
This is probably around $1.00.

-Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush.
 They have a pack of 12 on amazon for $12.25 so about $1.02 for one brush.

-Colgate Triple Action Toothpaste.
On amazon a pack of 5 go for $13.50 so for one is about $2.70.

-3 pack of Gillette 2 razors.
I could not find this either online so I'm going to say this is about $1.50.

-Gillette Satin Care shaving cream.
This is the smaller bottle so I'm going to say its probably $2.00.

-Lady Speed Stick in powder fresh scent.
On amazon for a pack of 6 is $12.58 so for one its about $2.09.

-NYC long wearing nail polish in the color 109 pink promenade cream.
On amazon this nail polish is $3.47.  I think they added this as an extra item in the bag.

-3 Hair ties.
I think they also added this as an extra in the bag and I'm going to say this goes for about $1.00.

They also included a coupon for $20.00 off on UBER.  So all together for the items I might be a little off on total since I couldn't find everything but around $37.00.  But they also included the cute bag and the $20.00 off coupon so this bag has a value of over $50.00 for everything.

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