Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bluum Box!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you my bluum box.

The first thing that I pulled out of the box is a Priddy Books hello baby cloth book.  This book is for 0-6 months old.  The value of the book is $9.99.

Then I received a Raz Baby keep-it-kleen pacifier.  This pacifier is different then a regular one because this pacifier closes when dropped.  This is for 0-36 months old.  The value this is $5.99.

Next I have a funktion pacifier holder.  I think this will come in handy when I need to take my baby out.  The value is $19.00.

Then I received a B Kids Batth Duck.

I received a Baby Comfy Nose nasal aspirator.  This is what it shows on the back of the box "The BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator uses your own suction to hygienically, safely and quickly remove nasal mucus."  This looks interesting.  The cost of this is $14.95.

They put in a bag of IPS All Natural egg white chips in barbecue.  The chips are pressure puffed and never fried.  They are made from corn and egg whites.  The size of the bag is 1oz.  When I first looked at this bag I thought they weren't going to taste like anything but I was surprised when I tried them, they were actually really good.  I would purchase them again.

The last 2 things in the box were 2 bags of Nature's Bakery whole wheat raspberry fig bar.  Each bag comes with 2 fig bars.  They are 100% natural.  The fig bars were good.

Overall I liked this box a lot.  I liked all the different products in the box.

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)

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