Friday, June 5, 2015


Hi Guys!!

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This is the first month that I am trying out the subacription golden tote.  Each month you order comes inside a tote bag.  They have two golden tote options.  One of them is the $49.00 tote and the other tote is $149.00.  The $49.00 tote you pick your first item and they pick the rest for you.  With this tote you will get between 2-3 pieces.  The $149.00 tote you pick 2 pieces and they pick the rest.  With this tote you get between 5-7 pieces.

The items come like this inside the tote.

I like that they put a hair band around the clothing to hold it together.  This is perfect since I go through hair ties and hair bands a lot and I'm always loosing them.  So this was a little extra for me I would say.

Grunge Effect Top.  This is the item that I picked this month.  This top is 100% cotton and very cute.  I like how its longer in the back.  I also really like the tie dye print that's on the sleeves and on the back of the shirt. This top is $35.00.

They also included a style card for the item that I picked.

Everly Midi Dress with Spaghetti Straps.  I like this dress but the only thing is that it runs a little big. I didn't see this on the website so I'm just going to guess on the price, I would say this is probably around $50.00 ? maybe.

Golden Tote had some problems with the website this month so they included a free gift with the tote orders.  They included a piece of jewelry from Jules Smith. $10.00.

Overall I would have to say that I like the items in my bag.  I like how they also put an extra gift since they were having problems with the website this month.  I didn't really like that it took took so long for them to send me my tote.  I just received my tote yesterday and this was my May tote.  Hopefully my next tote won't take this long to receive.  

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