Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hi Guys!!

I receive an e-mail that Love With Food is lowering the prices of the subscription boxes, which is great.

Here is a breakdown of the new prices.

-Starting July 1st, the regular monthly tasting box is going to be $9.99 a month + free shipping + 100 points per month.  Previously it was $10.00 a month + $2.00 shipping + 10 points a month.  If you want even more savings you can get the prepaid annual plan for $95.88 a year which is only $7.99 a month.

-The monthly deluxe box gives you 250 points a month which is a $2.50 value instead of 20 points per month.  If you sign up for the prepaid annual plan it would cost you $198.00 which comes out to $16.50 a month an you earn 2,500 points which is a $25.00 value.

-The monthly gluten-free box is now only $24.99 a month.  If you get the prepaid annual plan it woo be $239.88 which makes each month just $19.99.

-Now they also offer a new 3-month plan for the tasting, the deluxe and gluten-free boxes.

If you are a current customer and would like to upgrade your monthly plan you can save $5.00 by using the code HIGHFIVE.  The code is good until 06/30/2015.

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