Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby Mum-Mum

I was selected by moms meet to host a Baby Mum-Mum get together with my moms group. I was so excited when I was chosen for this. Baby Mum-Mums are rice teething biscuits that are free of the top 10 common allergens. These are great since they contain no salt, gluten, corn, or tapioca. They are made from fine japonica rice and they dissolve easily.

In my box came 3 boxes of Baby Mum-Mums for my baby. Each box comes with 24 + 2 Bonus Rusks.
-Original Rice Rusks
-Vegetable Rice Rusks
-Apple & Pumpkin Rice Rusks.

They also sent me a good amount of the rice rusks to give at the moms meeting.

-They sent me some in the Vegetable.

-They sent some in the Apple & Pumpkin.

-They sent some original.

The last thing that they sent was this foldable water bottle.

I couldn't believe how many snacks they sent in the box. This was great since everyone in my moms group was able to take a few samples to give to there babies.

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