Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 2017 Bluum Box Review

Bluum is a monthly children's subscription box from newborn to preschool. The products are hand selected based on your child's age and gender. The cost of each box is $34.00 a month.

They used to allow you to choose your own monthly products but they just recently changed that option so you won't be able to choose anymore. I believe they were getting a lot of people complaining when they had that option.

So lets see what they sent this month.

First look in the box.

Everything in the box.

TIGER BOTTLE BUDDY BY STEPHEN JOSEPH. This is a mesh bag with handles so that your child will have fun drinking from. I don't seem to see the tiger one on the website but they have other character's. Value is $9.90.

BABY FOAM BATH BY YORBA. This is an all-natural baby foam bath for your baby. This is made with organic ingredients from Marula Oil to Baobab Extract so its balanced to work with the skin's natural pH level and it can even be used on sensitive and eczema prone skin. Value is $13.95.

SAFARI SLIDE & PLAY BOOK BY WEE GALLERY. This book is very cute. The book has slides so it makes play more interactive. Value is $9.95.

You can see from the second page the elephant has three slides that they can move up and down.

ANDY WARHOL DELUXE PUZZLE WHEEL BY MUDPUPPY. We have a couple of these puzzles and we love them. One side has the pictures and the other side has different colors. I didn't find this exact one but I did find similar ones on the website. Value is $14.99.

So I thought this was an ok box. Some of the items in this box I think are to babyish for my daughter. The value of my box came out to $48.79 which is a nice value for this box.

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