Friday, October 21, 2016

September 2016 SnackSack

This is the September Snacksack. 

All the goodies in the box.

TASTY BRAND Vanilla Cookies. These were pretty good. They had a nice crunch to them also. 

LUNA Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Bar. They included 3 of these mini bars in the box. When I saw these in the box I thought yum chocolate and peanut butter but honestly I thought they were just ok, I still have one more to eat. Its nice though that these bars have a lot of protein in them. 

SKOUT Almond Blueberry Trail Bar. This bar on the other hand was a lot better. I enjoyed the blueberry flavor in this one.

HIPPEAS Chickpea Puffs. I enjoyed these a lot. They are organic and also vegan. I would love to try out different flavors of these. 

MRS. THINSTER'S Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins. I've had these before and was happy to see them in the box. These are super tasty.

FRU-LICIOUS Fruit Ice Pops. I've tried this brand before from a subscription box (I'm not sure if it was a different snack sack or it was just a different subscription). They are tasty and great for a nice hot sunny day.

CRUNCHY ROB'S BRAND Pineapple Habanero Popcorn. This was another great snack. At first I really didn't want to try them because I thought they were going to be very spicy because of the habanero but they had the right amount of heat in them. The pineapple flavor was very good.

KATE'S REAL FOOD Grizzly Bites. These were super tasty. I loved the flavors of peanut butter and dark chocolate together.

VINTAGE ITALIA Veggie Pasta Chips. Again I wasn't so sure about these at first but they were really good. If I saw these in the store I would pick them up. 

EVERLY Peach Mango Drink Mix. I haven't tried these out yet. But I'm sure the peach/mango combination would make my water very flavorful and good. 

BISCOTTEA Teatime Shortbread. These were super yummy. I would have liked to receive 3 packets of these in the box instead of the luna mini bars.

Overall: The value wasn't really there but I was able to try out brands that I probably wouldn't try if it wasn't for the box. So I guess it was an ok box for me.

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