Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GFREELY Box Review!!

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Today I would like to share with you my review of the GFREELY Box.  GFREELY is a monthly box witch comes with healthy, gluten free snacks.  I enjoy healthy snacks so this was a nice box to receive.  GFREELY was nice enough to send me this box so I could try out and review.

The first thing that I pulled out of the box was a pack of organic all-natural dried mango by Mavuno Harves.  These were grown in Uganda.  They have no preservatives and no added sugar.  These were good.  They tasted like dried mangos.  The net wt. is 1 oz.

Next I have a bag of Pretzel's by the brand Pretzel Perfection.  I received the original recipe.  They are twice-baked pretzel sticks.  They have a buttery blend of herbs and spices.  They were very good.  I liked that they still had the crunchy texture and I liked all the different herbs and spices they used.  The net wt. is 1 oz.

Then I have an out-based cereal by the brand Vigilant-Eats.   This is perfect for when your on the go since it brings a spoon in the inside.  So all you have to do is add cold water to your desired consistency, you can also add milk or hot water if preferred.  The cup is not microwaveable.  This has no soy, no dairy, no additives, no preservatives and no refined sugar.  The size of this cup is net wt. 3 oz.

I received a bag of Surf Sweets jelly beans.  These are made with organic fruit juice, fortified with vitamin c with natural colors & flavors.  The net wt. is .9 oz.

Next I have a bag of The Good Bean all natural chickpea snacks.  They are high in fiber with 7g protein and non-gmo.  They have 40% less fat then nuts.  The flavor that I received was sea salt.  They had a nice crunch to them.  These were very good.  The net wt. is 2.5 oz

I received a box of Orange Ginger Qookies by Tru Roots.  I received the flavor Orange Ginger.  These were just ok.  If they were a different flavor I think the would have been a lot better.  The net wt. is 4.94 oz

Next I have a bag of PopCorners popped corn chips.  I have the seal salt flavor.  I have had these popped corn chips before.  They are very good.  They are air popped with real corn and all natural ingredients.  The net wt. is 1.1 oz.

I have a bag of cocoa slims dessert crackers.  These were really, really good.  I kinda wish I had more of these.  The net wt. is 0.7 oz.

I have a breakfast bar by rise.  I have the crunchy perfect pumpkin flavor.  This is all natural with 7g protein.  I have not tried this yet so I'm not sure what it tastes like but I'm sure it will be good.  The net wt. is 1.4 oz.

Then I have 2 packets of Roots powdered vegetables and fruits in blueberry flavor by Deeply Rooted.  Each packet is a whole day's worth of super foods.  The net wt. of each packet is 0.39 oz.

The last 2 things that I received are a $50.00 wine gift card and a gluten free banana berry muffin.  In order to use the wine gift card I have to spend at least $51.00.

Overall I enjoyed this box very much.  Everything that I have tried out so far was really good.  If you would like to sign up for this box you can get $5.00 off your first box with the code BLOGGF5.  Click here to get $5.00 off.

If you guys have any questions or comments please post below.  Thanks guys :)

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